The strange Opening Day signing of Greg Holland

Greg Holland, who surprised everyone out of the gates with a 1.62 first-half ERA while leading the league in saves  last season for the Colorado Rockies, has spent the entire MLB off-season waiting for a job. Finally, as the clock struck midnight on Spring Training, Holland signed a one-year contract with the St. Louis Cardinals for a cool $14 million.

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The Cardinals gave an unproven shortstop Tommy Pham’s money

St. Louis this week surprised the baseball world by signing sophomore shortstop Paul DeJong to a six-year, $26 million contract. Setting aside the small sample size the Cardinals used to justify DeJong’s contract, the transaction could hurt their chances at keeping one of the game’s most exciting players, outfielder Tommy Pham. Pham was offered a two-year deal that insulted him, and was simply renewed by the Cards for 2018 at just $570k the same day DeJong’s contract was signed. This will certainly haunt them as Pham goes to arbitration next season.

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Top five fantasy 1B ranking for 2018

Ranking first basemen, where the average roto starter hit 30 home runs and drove in 89, is tricky. Since there are so many similar players at the top, you can go deeper in the drafts for a productive player but you can’t let it go altogether since this is the  one position you absolutely need counting stats from.

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Top five fantasy catchers ranking for 2018

JT Realmuto

As usual, the dropoff from the top catchers in the game is pretty steep. If you can’t grab one of the top guys in your draft, you’re likely better off saving your draft pick on another position and picking up someone cheap from the pack. There’s no sense in panicking and overpaying for a league average guy like Grandal or McCann when most guys will give you a dozen homers with a .235 average.

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Phillies following in the Eagles’ footsteps

The Philadelphia Phillies have been pretty awful the past five seasons, averaging nearly 93 losses a season and finishing no better than 4th in the NL East under 3 different managers. A new influx of offensive talent will give new manager Gabe Kapler and Philly fans a lot of reasons to cheer this year, and the Eagles might not be the only winner in town.

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WHIP Legend: John Tudor

John Tudor

When you trade away a star slugger in the offseason for a pitcher, you don’t want to be entering June with that pitcher languishing with a 1-7 record and 3.74 ERA. That is where the Cardinals found themselves in 1985 with John Tudor. St. Louis acquired the left-handed pitcher for fan favorite George Hendrick, who had been just about the sole source of power on a speedy Redbirds team for much of the ’80s to that point. Unbelievably, Tudor was about to go on a run that would ultimately lead to a season for the ages.

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It’s not all doom-and-gloom for the Miami Marlins

Lewis Brinson

The Marlins have been in the headlines this off-season more than ever since their sale to a Derek Jeter fronted group, and they haven’t been positive. Since the last out of the World Series, the Marlins have traded away their entire star-studded outfield of Giancarlo Stanton (to the Yankees), Marcell Ozuna (to the Cardinals), and Christian Yelich (to the Brewers) in addition to speedy infielder Dee Gordon (to the Mariners). Catcher J.T. Realmuto is likely on the block as well. The question for remaining Marlins fans is: Are we ever going to compete again? The answer may be less bleak than is currently apparent.

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Vlad the Hall of Famer


One of my favorite players of the 90s/00s Vladimir Guerrero was elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday with a resounding 92.9% of ballots cast for him in his second year of eligibility. He joins a robust class of new Hall of Famers including Chipper Jones, Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

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Why WHIPs, wOBAs, and WARs?

WHIPs, wOBAs, and WARs

This is a baseball blog, and baseball stories (at least the on-field ones) are told with statistics. The beauty of the game is that we can compare players of different eras and leagues with some defensible proof using quality statistics. Speedsters from yesterday, like Lou Brock (career .336 wOBA, 938 SB) and Rickey Henderson (career .372 wOBA, 1406 SB) can be measured against contemporaries like Billy Hamilton (career .280 wOBA, 243 SB) to tell a story and even make an argument.

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Edmonds and the Hall of Fame

Jim Edmonds will be eligible for the National Baseball Hall of Fame on the 2016 ballot, and though he’ll be judged along with another first-time eligible who’ll be a shoo-in (Ken Griffey Jr.), a strong case can be made for both center fielders in the Hall.

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