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The strange Opening Day signing of Greg Holland

Greg Holland, who surprised everyone out of the gates with a 1.62 first-half ERA while leading the league in saves  last season for the Colorado Rockies, has spent the entire MLB off-season waiting for a job. Finally, as the clock struck midnight on Spring Training, Holland signed a one-year contract with the St. Louis Cardinals for a cool $14 million.

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The Cardinals gave an unproven shortstop Tommy Pham’s money

St. Louis this week surprised the baseball world by signing sophomore shortstop Paul DeJong to a six-year, $26 million contract. Setting aside the small sample size the Cardinals used to justify DeJong’s contract, the transaction could hurt their chances at keeping one of the game’s most exciting players, outfielder Tommy Pham. Pham was offered a two-year deal that insulted him, and was simply renewed by the Cards for 2018 at just $570k the same day DeJong’s contract was signed. This will certainly haunt them as Pham goes to arbitration next season.

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