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Top five fantasy 1B ranking for 2018

Ranking first basemen, where the average roto starter hit 30 home runs and drove in 89, is tricky. Since there are so many similar players at the top, you can go deeper in the drafts for a productive player but you can’t let it go altogether since this is the  one position you absolutely need counting stats from.

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Top five fantasy catchers ranking for 2018

JT Realmuto

As usual, the dropoff from the top catchers in the game is pretty steep. If you can’t grab one of the top guys in your draft, you’re likely better off saving your draft pick on another position and picking up someone cheap from the pack. There’s no sense in panicking and overpaying for a league average guy like Grandal or McCann when most guys will give you a dozen homers with a .235 average.

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Phillies following in the Eagles’ footsteps

The Philadelphia Phillies have been pretty awful the past five seasons, averaging nearly 93 losses a season and finishing no better than 4th in the NL East under 3 different managers. A new influx of offensive talent will give new manager Gabe Kapler and Philly fans a lot of reasons to cheer this year, and the Eagles might not be the only winner in town.

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