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Why WHIPs, wOBAs, and WARs?

WHIPs, wOBAs, and WARs

This is a baseball blog, and baseball stories (at least the on-field ones) are told with statistics. The beauty of the game is that we can compare players of different eras and leagues with some defensible proof using quality statistics. Speedsters from yesterday, like Lou Brock (career .336 wOBA, 938 SB) and Rickey Henderson (career .372 wOBA, 1406 SB) can be measured against contemporaries like Billy Hamilton (career .280 wOBA, 243 SB) to tell a story and even make an argument.

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Edmonds and the Hall of Fame

Jim Edmonds will be eligible for the National Baseball Hall of Fame on the 2016 ballot, and though he’ll be judged along with another first-time eligible who’ll be a shoo-in (Ken Griffey Jr.), a strong case can be made for both center fielders in the Hall.

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